don’t push, just feel

January in Ohio, for me and most, feels restricted, dull, and... sad. The snow, the extreme cold, the scraping your car for 20 minutes while you let out every profanity thinkable, the lack of time spent outside, and the abundance of time spent indoors; it all becomes a little suffocating for the people like me … Continue reading don’t push, just feel


muddy water.

I've been in a funk. This funk happens often and will stick around for days to weeks. This one has been weeks. Readers who struggle with mental health conditions will most likely relate to said funk, but all can connect to the struggle of staying present to remain positive. There has been constant negativity buzzing … Continue reading muddy water.

new lenses. 

My husband and I just returned home to Ohio after eight nights of blissful adventures in Nassau, Bahamas. We backpacked the island, beach hopped, visited historical landmarks, drank endless Sands (Bahamian beer), enjoyed a couple touristy excursions, spent hours in the clear ocean, and made friends with many of the locals we met along our … Continue reading new lenses.